May 22

Hello all.  Proving once again that my ability to maintain this site is sporadic at best, I’ve updated the photo albums after a series of requests for photos of Cailyn’s recent dance competition numbers.

I’ll add additional posts and photos over the next few weeks.

Oct 3

Hello all.  Life is still well with the Harris Family.  We’ve been busy as per usual and are certainly well behind in our blog updates but, otherwise, things are well.

AJ has been doing some traveling for work to exotic locations like Kuala Lumpur and Bahrain for work.  Heather has been traveling as well taking the kids to California to visit her sister and visiting friends on the West Coast.

I’ve added a bunch of pictures to the photo gallery to try and catch up with the stockpile of photos we’re collecting.  Hope you like them.




Jul 21

Hey all.  We’ve updated the photo pages with some additional material from this Spring. 

You can find the new Photos under the "Spring 2008" section on the photo page (click this link or select the "photos" button at the top right of this page)


easter, biodome, dance receital, 064


Jul 21

So AJ is once again working for the man.  Well….it’s a different ‘man’ this time but the principle is the same.

As of July 1 AJ is the Director of Services Marketing and Operations at Mxi technologies. No more independent contracting with the wind blowing in your hair.  No sir.  We’re respectable now.


May 15

It’s with great sadness that we write about the passing of Great Grampa (Arvid Jorgensen).  Great Grampa took ill and passed away in Regina from natural causes at age 87.  He will be sorely missed.

For those who didn’t know him, Great Grampa was quite the character.  He ran a nudist colony, founded a banana farm, ran several recycling depots, believed strongly in UFOs and befriended nuns.  I always thought of him as living proof of the divinity of humor.

Arvid Paul Jorgensen (1920 – 2008)
Great Grandpa

Mar 21

Well, after many a week of wiggling, jiggling, and extensive demonstrations to anyone who will watch, Cailyn’s loose tooth finally decided to look for greener pastures.

The Tooth Fairy was a bit rushed and left Cailyn 1000 Won of Korean currency (about $2.33 CDN) along with a note apologizing that she didn’t have time to get to a local bank. Certainly made for a few interesting conversations.

Looks like the tooth right beside it is loose too. Time for some Rupees I think.

Gap Toothed Wonder

Mar 13

The new baby
Yep.  The Harris family has gone all mac like.  What does that mean for this site?  Nothing much really.

Pictures will continue to be hosted via Picassa and the site will look much like it did before.  I do suspect I’ll be able to put up more video though as the Mac is much better at manipulating the video than my old PC was.

Expect us to look generally more artistic in our pics as well.  More turtlenecks and the like.


Feb 17

Hi all. Just a quick note to say I added a few new pictures today in the photo gallery including a bunch we took of Cailyn and Colin at Winterlude. Cailyn tried out skiing for the first time ever and loved it. I managed to get a quick video of the event which I’ll add to the site in a bit.

The new photos can be seen here.