Dec 29

Added a new photo gallery – Fall / Winter 2007. Some of the photos sent in the update email will be visible in this new gallery. Use the Photo Galleries button on the banner to access these pics.


Dec 29

Hello all and welcome to HarrisFamily 2.0

Some odd occurrence resulted in us virtually abandoning our previous website around the same time our son was born. I have a crack team of investigative journalists looking into what this sudden time consuming event was but, in the meantime, I decided to take the opportunity around the holidays to revamp it and try again. I’ve made some significant changes in this version:

  • It’s in a Blog format now. The net result of this is that I can update it with minimal effort (that’s good cuz I’m lazy).
  • It integrates right to my Picasa Web site for photos. Again – much easier.
  • It allows for comments by my friends (not sure if this is a good thing or not)

Anyway I hope you like the new site. I should have a much easier time keeping it up to date with these changes so if, for some odd reason, you’re actually interesting in our life this site should now actually contain recent events.

How to use the new site.

Using the new site is very easy.

  1. Blog posts will be updated on this front page as they are created. Just hit the “Home” button in the banner above to see the latest post. The most recent posts are also shown in the sidebar to the right.
  2. The “Photo Galleries” button in the banner above links to my Picasa photo galleries. This is where the photos will be displayed. As I add new galleries, I’ll enter a post here to advise you.
  3. For those of you looking to subscribe to the site, the “Entries RSS” and “Comments RSS” links to the right will automatically update your RSS reader when new content is posted.

That’s it! Enjoy folks and thanks for visiting.