Mar 21

Well, after many a week of wiggling, jiggling, and extensive demonstrations to anyone who will watch, Cailyn’s loose tooth finally decided to look for greener pastures.

The Tooth Fairy was a bit rushed and left Cailyn 1000 Won of Korean currency (about $2.33 CDN) along with a note apologizing that she didn’t have time to get to a local bank. Certainly made for a few interesting conversations.

Looks like the tooth right beside it is loose too. Time for some Rupees I think.

Gap Toothed Wonder

Mar 13

The new baby
Yep.  The Harris family has gone all mac like.  What does that mean for this site?  Nothing much really.

Pictures will continue to be hosted via Picassa and the site will look much like it did before.  I do suspect I’ll be able to put up more video though as the Mac is much better at manipulating the video than my old PC was.

Expect us to look generally more artistic in our pics as well.  More turtlenecks and the like.